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Jayanth Organic Farms



  • Nutmeg Seeds

    Purity : 100%

    Feature : Anti Bacterial, High Quality Sice, Low Sodium

    Form : Seed

    Country of Origin : India

    Copper : 51%

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    Nutmeg Seeds

  • Organic Pepper

    Botanical Name : Piper Longum Extract

    Common Name : Indian Long Pepper Extract

    Category : Botanical Powders

    Moisture : 14%

    Impurity : 0.3% max

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    Organic Pepper

  • Organic Tamarind

    Old tamarind (puli) usage in food cooking will remove kidney stones and clean the uterus of women  which is more incredible in terms of health benefit that’s why our ancestor’s use old tamarind (puli). We also sell old tamarind which is grown in our organic farm.

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    Organic Tamarind

  • Star Anise

    Color : Brown

    Storage : Cool & Dry Place

    Impurity : 1% Less

    Moisture : 13.5% max

    Admixture : 1.5% max

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    Star Anise


  • Herbal Bath Powder

    Type : Bath Powder

    Shelf Life : 1year,6months

    Feature : Eco Friendly, Skin Friendly, No Added Artificial Color

    Form : Powder

    Used : For Moisturization & Nourishment

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    Herbal Bath Powder

  • Herbal Soapnut Powder

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Color : Brown

    Feature : Good For Health, Hygenic, No Artificial Color Added, Rich In Taste

    Form : Powder

    Packaging Type : Plastic Bottle

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    Herbal Soapnut Powder

  • Herbal Tooth Powder

    Type : Herbal Tooth Powder

    Shelf Life : 1years

    Feature : Eco Friendly, Hair Damage Protection, Non Harmful, Skin Friendly

    Form : Powder

    Country of Origin : India

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    Herbal Tooth Powder

  • Natural Shampoo Powder

    Form : Powder

    Purity : 100%

    Storage : Cool and dry place

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    Natural Shampoo Powder

  • Neem Powder

    Type : Neem Powder

    Application : Herbal Medicines

    Cultivation Type : Organic

    Shelf Life : 2yrs

    Color : Green

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    Neem Powder

  • Organic Tamarind Powder

    Type : Tamarind Powder

    Style : Dried

    Application : Cooking

    Cultivation Type : Organic

    Feature : Good Taste, Hygienically Packed, No Artificial Flavour

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    Organic Tamarind Powder

  • Therthapodi Health Powder
    "Energy mix - (kayakalpam powder) Benefits Increase blood cells,controls cholestrol,sugar and BP . Also controls back pain and also helps in overcoming vitamin defficiency on pregnancy.Increase sexual ability and immunity booster"   Medical Benefit : relieves from Cough Relief when mixed with

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    Therthapodi Health Powder


  • A2 Cow Ghee

    Type : Cow Ghee

    Application : Cooking

    Certification : FSSAI

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Type : Ghee

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    A2 Cow Ghee

  • Pirali Ghee

    Medical Benefits- used for small infants when stomach related heat problem is not good along with milk

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    Pirali Ghee

  • Pure Ghee

    Type : Fresh Pure Ghee

    Application : Cooking

    Certification : FSSAI

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Type : Ghee

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    Pure Ghee

Herbal Extracts

  • Aloe Vera Extract

    Moisture : 89%

    Maturity : 99.00%

    Shelf Life : 24 Months

    Form : Liquid

    Storage : Cool & Dry Place

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    Aloe Vera Extract

  • Amla Extract

    Kurunji hill honey with amla extract daily consumption will reduce sugar and BP level. It also enhance the body energy and act as a kayakalpa. We are preparing amla extract from only hill amla.

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    Amla Extract

  • Embolden Spinach Extract

    Brand Name : Aishwaryam

    Purity : 99%

    Color : Yellow

    Form : Liquid

    Pack Type : Bottle

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    Embolden Spinach Extract


Bee Pollen

Other Products

  • Organic Oil

    Feature : Good Quality

    Form : Liquid

    Packaging Type : Bottle

    Grade : A

    Storage : Cool & Dry Place

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    Organic Oil

  • Organic Mango
    The major concern of our firm is to deliver a quality content, thus, we check the product quality on several counts at all stages. We are here to guide our clients with the secure payment procedures. With us, the customers get convenience to pay through both online and offline payment methods

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    Organic Mango

  • Dried Kudampuli

    Energy : 528Kcal/100gm

    Protein : 3.1 g

    Fat : 0.1 g/100gm

    Carbohydrates : 31.04gm/100gm

    Sugar : 30.68gm/100gm

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    Dried Kudampuli

  • Vetiver Roots

    Type : Vetiver Root

    Purity : 99%

    Protein : 10-20%

    Fat : 3.05%

    Digestibility : 51%, 61%,61%

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    Vetiver Roots

  • Brown Palm Sugar

    Protein : 0.1 g

    Sodium : 28 mg

    Calories : 380

    Potassium : 133 mg

    Total Carbohydrate : 98 g

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    Brown Palm Sugar

  • Organic Cashew Nuts

    Type : Cashew Kernels

    Shape : Oval

    Certification : FSSAI Certified

    Cultivation Type : Common

    Color : Light Cream

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    Organic Cashew Nuts

  • Aishwaryam Magic Oil

    Kajakesari thylam Medical Benefits: oil which cures psoriasis, cut wounds and instant relief for any bleeding in body)

    Magic Oil : By applying it will relive from Cold and cough

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    Aishwaryam Magic Oil

  • Palani Panchamirtham

    Plantains : 100 numbers

    Kandasani sugar : 10 kgs

    Dates : 1 kg

    Sugar candy : 500 giris

    Kismis (raisins) : 500 giris

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    Palani Panchamirtham

  • Karuvelam Pattai Palpodi
    The company is deep rooted in Bodinayakanur(India) and has gained a distinguished position in the market. We are supported by a well-structured warehousing unit that is spacious and installed with all required amenities. We ensure complete safety of the products by storing them in our

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    Karuvelam Pattai Palpodi

  • Aishwaryam Panchamirtham

    We prepare panchamirtham which is good to health and it contains kurunji hill honey, dates, organic banana, Organic jaggery, Aishwaryam cow ghee. This panchamirtham will be superior in taste and can be kept until 6 months under normal temperature itself.

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    Aishwaryam Panchamirtham

  • Organic Mappillai Samba Rice

    Mappilai samba it takes 180 days for growing and it produces more hemoglobin and it fight against cancer , also sugar reduces

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    Organic Mappillai Samba Rice

  • Organic Kanji Meal

    Packaging Type : Plastic Box

    Speciality : Organic

    Country of Origin : India

    Specialty : Vegetarian, No Added Sugar, Natural

    Form : Ground

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    Organic Kanji Meal

  • Organic Gulgand with Hill Honey

    Type : Organic Honey

    Application : Clinical, Cosmetics, Foods

    Feature : Digestive, Longer Shelf Life, Pure

    Grade Standard : Medicine Grade, Food Grade

    Taste : Sweet

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    Organic Gulgand with Hill Honey

  • Red Banana Panchamirtham

    Cultivation Type : Natural

    Grade : A Grade

    Storage : Cool Place

    Packaging Type : Plastic Packet

    Usage : Human Consumption

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    Red Banana Panchamirtham